Television and Film

Bates Motel - Mikado Lady - A&E
Bank of Mom and Dad - Commercial Voiceover - Soapnet/Disney
Suddenly Susan - Office Worker, season 4 - Warner Brothers Television
Runaways  - Sarah, LEAD - Karen Black, Director


Miss Saigon - Ellen - Pierce College Theatre
Cabaret - Sally Bowles - Pierce College Theatre
Missouri Waltz by Karen Black - Zoe - Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles
Twelfth Night - Olivia - Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles
Little Shop of Horrors - Audrey - The Hidden Hills Theatre
Blood Brothers - Mrs. Johnstone - Arena Theatre, Woodland Hills
Into The Woods - Bakers Wife - Moorpark Theatre
Tribute to Musicals - Ensemble - Madrid Theatre, Los Angeles
The Matchmaker - Irene Malloy - A.A.D.A.
The Eye of the Gull - Sarah - A.A.D.A.


American Academy of Dramatic Arts - Los Angeles
American Musical and Dramatic Academy - New York
Pierce College - Los Angeles
Gloria Dorcy, Acting - Los Angeles
Karen Black, Acting - Los Angeles

Special Skills

Voice (Musical Theater, Jazz, Pop, Standards, Folk Rock), Directing/choreography, Dance (Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theater), Dialects, Voiceovers. Guitar, Ukelele, Songwriter

Lead vocalist, guitar/ukelele player, and songwriter for the Americana/Folk Rock band “Whitaker and Me”